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Save Time, Speed Recruiting

The average Home Care company spends 14 hours a week reviewing resumes, prescreening applicants and coordinating interviews.  That’s over $15,000 invested annually.

With Recruiter Concierge™, these time consuming tasks are done in minutes versus weeks so you can focus on delivering higher quality care.

Save Time, Speed Recruiting

Amaze Applicants, Hire Better

Amaze Applicants, Hire Better

Home Care employee turnover is at an alarming 75.4% rate and rising. You need a competitive advantage to hire great caregivers quickly.

With Recruiter Concierge, your frustrating application form candidate’s loath is replaced with a more human-like interaction resulting in 5 star candidate experience ratings, higher quality applicants and increased retention rates.

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All Your Candidates, Nicely Organized

Simple-to-use dashboard neatly prioritizes all your prequalified candidates based on your top hiring criteria. Bye-Bye ATS.

Recruiting Time Is Costly

See for yourself.

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Cost of Your Time Per Month

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Your caregivers will thank you.

Your clients will celebrate you.

More Applicants

Increase application rates by over 90%

Save Time

Automatically screen out 80% of unqualified candidates

Competitive Advantage

Differentiate your company with an elite experience

Hire Faster

Cut your recruiting time in half

Better Experience

Treat candidates like customers

Less Costs

Lower your total cost per hire

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"Hire Humanly helping my recruiting coordinator focus on interviewing and supporting our caregivers instead of being bogged down in reviewing resumes and calling applicants. Both our quality and flow of caregivers has greatly improved."

Jonathan Bowman
Harmony Home Care

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